Orance RoundelI always like to work directly with each client from start to finish to ensure they get the website that explores and promotes their own business or personality in the best possible way.

The web is full of geeky terms and acronyms and whilst it’s great if you know what things like css, php, ssl, html, nameservers, wordpress, plugins blah blah blah actually mean, you really don’t need to and nor should you have to.

I am a master at spotting the dreaded “Stop! I will always try my very best not to bamboozle you with loads of techno speak.  
The additional services that BeardyWeb can provide will really take all the hassle out of maintaining your new website. Here are some of the things that BeardyWeb can help you with:

dezeen_Googles-data-centres-revealed_8Website hosting – Finding a home for your new website can be a bit of a daunting prospect. If you already have a hosting plan with another provider, we can build your website there. If not, we will work with you to guide you through the entire process via our affiliated partner KRYSTAL and make sure you get the right package for your type of website. Generally large shop based website that expect a lot of customer visits require larger hosting packages and simple one page ‘Who We Are’ websites require smaller and cheaper packages.  We can also help you to find and purchase your chosen domain name. Furthermore, if you put your trust in us, we can arrange hosting and domain purchases on your behalf so you don’t even need to bother. Whichever option you choose, you retain full ownership and any domains you purchase.


shop-open-signShop Front – Do you want to sell things online?  Do you make things that you want to sell online? It really is a lot easier than you might think. BeardyWeb can create your online shop and help populate all of the items on sale, in order to give you a really effective head-start.


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 12.21.46Responsive Design – It’s more important than ever that your website looks great on smart phones tablets – otherwise known as Responsive Design. BeardyWeb will make sure your website looks great on any device, whatever the size.


training_partner_headerTraining – If you want to maintain your own content or on-line shop, BeardyWeb can provide informal training session you up to 4 people at a time at your office or home. Follow-up and refresher sessions can also be arranged and questions can be emailed in for us to respond to at anytime.


So what happens next? If you have got any questions or if you would like to talk about working with me on your new website commission then please feel free to Contact Us and I will get back to you quicker than you can say “You really need a shave buddy!”